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Angus Cycling Club

Founded 1882 and still Cawin Awa

We are based in Forfar and our club members come from throughout the Angus area. Club runs are organised for Sundays throughout the year. The speed and distance of our runs depends on who turns up, sometimes we split into two groups, and no one gets left behind to get lost on their own. Evening pub runs take place on Wednesdays through the year.

All of our runs now leave from the new Forfar Community Campus. See the runs list for details.
Club activities cover a wide range of cycling interests and abilities. As well as the Sunday runs we organise a number of Audax events and social away weekends. Club members range from occasional riders through to keen audax eventers and dedicated foreign cycle tourers. A wealth of experience and advice is here for the asking. Our aim is to promote cycling in all of its diversity. New members are always welcome- why not come along one Sunday and find out more. If you are interested contact any club member for further details, we would be delighted to hear from you."

Club Committee and Contact details

President: Charles Irvine 01307 463508 irvine156@btinternet.com
Secretry: Brian Batson 01306 465840 batson_ward@btinternet.com
Treasurer: Keith Buckingham 01674 673445 kbuckingham58@gmail.com 
Captain: Chris Gibson hammy_hambo@hotmail.com
Vice Captain: David Husband 01307 466123 dchusband@icloud.com
Committee: Keith Buckingham 01307 465746 kbuckingham58@gmail.com 
Committee Linda Caston
Bothy Convener: Ron Harrow 01575 574082 harrow21@waitrose.com

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